n dimension

from by Decibel

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n dimension - 2013
flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello, percussion and electronics.

The scientific study of objects and spaces is often described in terms of an n dimensional topological or topographical space, where n is a number representing the dimensionality. Standard Euclidean spaces and objects have whole number dimensions, and fractal dimensions are described as having fractional dimensions. This composition began as an exploration in musical structures, from fractal and infinite pitch series, fractal rhythmic structure, chaotic controlled spatialisation, and audio feedback, this work 'elaborates' on the dimensionality of a small collection of simple musical structures in order to arrive at a more complex and immersive listening experience. The use of timbral and spectral spatialisation, swarm-based spatialisatian1 and delay-line are used to develop this immersive experience. The use of a tempo canon was inspired by the notion of viewing higher dimensional objects in a lower-dimensional space; as these higher dimensional objects rotate, their structure appear to transform and shift outside of their original geometric alignment. The strands of musical canon function in a similar way, and finally align themselves in the closing musical statement both melodically and rhythmically creating a sense of cadential resolve.


from Tuned Darker, released January 19, 2015
Composer: Stuart James



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